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Universum Veranstaltung in Hamburg, Juni 2019

Our soils

Our soils are well-balanced and restored since the last agricultural use. And that is precisely why we have the advantage that we can avoid fertilizers almost completely. The reason for this is that over the past few decades no cultivation has taken place on the land of our present vineyards and so the soils have been able to find their own balance. Our soils are a mixture of sand, loam and clay. When choosing which grape variety is planted where, the soil texture played a major role. While the Petit Verdot is on more clayey soils that provide a higher nutrient content, the sandy, loamy soil provides good drainage for our Syrah.


The harvest

When the time comes and the grapes have reached their perfect ripeness, the highlight of the work in the vineyards takes place: the harvest. Here the diligence and the good conditions are reflected. We pick our grapes exclusively by hand and ensure hereby that only the best grapes find their way into our cellar. Our sense of quality is also reflected in the fact that we transport the harvested grapes only in 10 kg boxes. This ensures that the berries are not injured and are not squeezed by their own weight, which would inevitably lead to a loss of taste. By cooling the grapes directly on the vineyard and during transport to the winery, they can be processed there in optimal condition.


For double checking, the quality of the grapes is checked and selected on two vibrating table before finally the process of vinification begins.


Quality has always been the core. Together we select all the grapes - only the best make their way into our wines. While producing the wines we take care to have as less mechanical impact (e.g. no usage of pumps) on the grapes as possible. The wines of our premium line first mature in French Barrique barrels and then in the bottle to receive a nice harmony of all flavors.