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Universum Veranstaltung in Hamburg, Juni 2019

Petit Verdot

A varietal Petit Verdot - a true rarity!

Petit Verdot is a classic grape variety from Bordeaux, which matures there only in the best years. Originally the grape variety was planted as a supplement and to round off the Velis Vineyards Premium Cuvée. Due to the optimal maturation of the berries as an outcome of very good climatic conditions in Bulgaria, however, it is possible to bottle a monovarietal Petit Verdot. This is a true rarity! Because of the small size of the berries of the Petit Verdot, the juice yield is low, but therefore the aroma even more intense. Every year only a few bottles are produced, so the amount is strictly limited. Like the other Reservas, the Petit Verdot is aged for 12 months in French oak barrels and matured for another 12 months on the bottle. The result: unique wines with spicy aromas!



vintage 2014

vintage 2015

vintage 2016