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Universum Veranstaltung in Hamburg, Juni 2019


A jewel among the red wines. Velis Vineyards - Syrah Reserva is powerful and very aromatic!

The Syrah of Velis Vineyards premium line is vinified varietal. The Syrah grape, originally from France, to be precise from the Rhône, brings develops a pleasant spiciness. The aromas are reminiscent of black cherries, cassis and pepper. During a long mashing time color, flavor and tannins are extracted from the skins of Syrah grapes. When pressing, we handle the grapes very carefully. Due to low pressure and the separation of the individual press fractions, we are able to determine very precisely how much tannins we want to have in the finished wine. The expansion of our Syrahs takes place for at least 12 months in French oak barrels. This ensures that the wine can continue to develop even more complexity. After maturing in oak barrels, bottling takes place. Another 12 months in the bottle before putting the wine on the market, guarantee round and well balanced wines, which still have the potential to ripen for a longer time.


vintage 2014

vintage 2015

vintage 2016