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Universum Veranstaltung in Hamburg, Juni 2019

Heaven's Door - blue label

"Heavenly drinking pleasure"

HEAVEN'S DOOR stands for wines with a high drinking pleasure - Easy-drinking wines! Like for all Velis Vineyards wines, Quality is important in every stage of the winemaking process. Still the wines of the HEAVEN’S DOOR series are made a little different compared to the Reservas. The goal is to create wines that are ready now, which also bring pleasure without further maturing.
The HEAVEN’S DOOR series include different wines. Whether as red wine from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah or as rosé from Cabernet Franc and Syrah/ Merlot - the wine impresses with its primary fruit flavors! Only for the harmonization of the flavors our Heaven's Door red wine has some wood contact.

Also as a souvenir at the party, our Heaven's Door is a real eye-catcher with its modern design! And the name keeps what it promises.

vintage 2016