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Universum Veranstaltung in Hamburg, Juni 2019

Red wines

For us, especially for our premium wines - our RESERVAS - quality has the highest priority. The course for making a wine of excellent quality is set on an early stage in the vineyards. These are located in the Thracian Valley in Bulgaria, right where historians see the cradle of viticulture. The prevailing climatic conditions in this region are particularly suitable for rich red wines. Many hours of sunshine, high daytime temperatures and cold nighttime temperatures with participation evenly spread over the year are perfect for our Velis Vineyards wines.

Wines for daily joy

Heaven's Door stands for wines with a high drinking pleasure - Easy-drinking wines! That does not mean, that quality is less important, but the wines are made to be drunk young. There are several versions of Heaven's Door wines from Velis Vineyards. For example a red wine from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah and a Rosé from Cabernet Franc and Syrah. The wines shine with their primary fruit flavours! Only for the structure of the wine, the red Heaven's Door has shortly been in contact with oak.

Also as a souvenir at the party our Heaven's Door is a real eye-catcher with its modern design! And the name keeps what it promises.